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Finding balance in your daily life


Has life taken control over you? Do you often feel overwhelmed? Or maybe you feel like your world is spiralling out of control? Does it seem like your day-to-day worries continue to build? If that is the case, I have three suggestions for you that will help.

The following ideas will:

  • Provide more inner peace throughout your day

  • Create more energy so you can achieve your goals

  • Increase your ability to enjoy life every day

I have encouraged numerous patients to embrace these self-care steps with resounding success. 1. Create a morning ritual. This means spending at least 3 minutes every morning meditating, journaling, setting a daily intention, manifesting how your day will go, savouring every sip of your morning beverage, watching the sunrise, stretching, or any other activity that will spark joy and instill a few moments of mindfulness before you rush into your schedule. 2. Break up the Day. Take similar 5 minute breaks mid-morning and mid-afternoon; these time-outs will recharge your batteries and improve your efficiency and ability to multi-task with grace and ease. Taking an invigorating or leisurely walk is a perfect way to use this time; any other ideas certainly apply. 3. Evening Winddown: Create another brief evening ritual, either when you get home from work or are done acting as chauffeur for your children’s numerous after school engagements or after supper; ideally, this would be done in the hour before bed to transition to encourage wind downtime. Ideas for this me-time include reflecting upon and compiling a gratitude list, reading a traditional paper book which might be inspirational/motivational/self-help book or fiction just for fun, or any previously mentioned idea. If you invest this 16-minute commitment to your health, it will make you feel calmer and more in charge of your life.


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