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Colon Hydrotherapy in Moose Jaw, SK!

Colon Hydrotherapy sessions can be used to reinvigorate the bowel to function normally and to bring balance to the Immune System. After the Colonic you may experience renewed energy, mental clarity and a strong sense of well-being.


Improved digestion, a noticeable decrease in inflammation and pain, increased energy, brighter/clearer eyes/skin, improved bowel function, increase in mental clarity, fewer food sensitivities, better absorption of nutrients, assimilation of minerals, and a boost in emotional health.


What is colon hydrotherapy?

 Colon hydrotherapy is a safe and gentle process. Warm filtered water is gently released into the colon, thereby softening fecal matter and other waste, stimulating the colon's natural peristaltic action. This process assists in the detox process and cleanses the colon of excess mucus, fecal matter, gas, environmental or food pollutants, medication, and other harmful toxic substances.

How will colon hydrotherapy effect me?

First, the warm, filtered water will stimulate peristalsis in the colon to get out all the fecal matter. As the water cleans out the colon, it will break down the toxic material sitting around in the colon, preventing it from entering the bloodstream and causing harm to the body. Colonics also exercises the colon muscles. When toxic material builds up inside the colon, it impairs the function of the colon muscles. Once all the harmful waste matter is gone, the colon can start to function normally again.





What can colonics do for me?

Adding colonics to your health routine can result in many positive body changes such as an immediate and positive shift in mood, improved digestion, bowel function, immune function, and better absorption of nutrients. You may notice a decrease in food sensitivities, have better control over weight management, and your skin will be brighter and clearer. Look good, feel better!

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