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Did you know that licensed naturopathic doctors attend four years of accredited medical schools and are trained as primary care providers? However, what sets them apart from your walk-in clinic doctors is they don’t just give drugs to suppress the symptoms they spend the time and get to know you and your body, providing the greatest benefit with the least potential for damage.

Here at Main Street Naturopathic Clinic in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, we look through the symptoms to find the root cause and then create a personalized treatment plan that will be manageable for you and your lifestyle.

Our Team

Dr. Lynn Chiasson


Dr. Chiasson is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Manitoba and a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, ON.

She opened her practice in Moose Jaw, SK in 2003, and in January 2012, she moved her practice to open her own clinic on Main Street. Dr. Chiasson has welcomed to her clinic patients from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba and continues to accept new patients.


Dr. Chiasson has had great success with her nutritional plans and many patients have seen a huge improvement in their weight, blood pressure, blood sugars and cholesterol levels. She also specializes in issues of the gut, including gas and bloating, IBS and C-Difficile. Dr. Chiasson offers her patients Bio-Feedback Scans, hormone & allergy testing, nutritional counselling and has added iV therapy to her list of protocols.

Kathryn Ernst


Kathryn is our Clinic Manager and Receptionist! Chances are, if you call us from Monday-Thursday she will be answering the phone! Kathryn has a heart for helping others. This comes through when she takes the time to get to know our clients. Whether thats when she books you in or when you come in for your appointment, her kind soul always takes the time to get to know YOU! 

Tamara Draper


Tamara's journey to becoming a colon therapist was quite unconventional.

Tamara discovered a new treatment through her close friend, a Naturopathic Doctor. Due to a lack of availability in Saskatchewan, she found this treatment could fill a significant gap in the field of natural healthcare.


With extensive research and discovering the numerous benefits it offers to people, she wholeheartedly embraced it, saying: "This is helping so many people, count me in!"

Tamara pursued a career as a colon hydrotherapist, enrolling in school in Toronto just five months later. Fun fact: Tamara's first colonic ever occurred on her first day of school!


In 2020, she founded Inner Harmony Colonics, driven by her mission to increase colon health awareness and the importance of gut health in her hometown of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Paige Tait


Paige is one of our Colon Hydrotherapists! She completed her certification and is such a joy to have at the clinic. Her bubbly personality and passion for colon health brings such a joy to our clinic! She became a Hydrotherapist because shes always had her own stomach issues and she became very intrigued with how hydrotherapy could personally help her. After talking with Tamara and learning more about it, Paige just knew that she would love to be able to help others with some of the same issues. Pooping is sometimes a taboo subject and she doesnt believe it should be! The relationships she has made doing this kind of work has surprised her! She loves all of her clients and she's always happy to help assist them on their journey to feeling healthier and happier!

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