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Did you know that licensed naturopathic doctors attend four years of accredited medical schools and are trained as primary care providers? However, what sets them apart from your walk-in clinic doctors is they don’t just give drugs to suppress the symptoms they spend the time and get to know you and your body, providing the greatest benefit with the least potential for damage.

Here at Main Street Naturopathic Clinic in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, we look through the symptoms to find the root cause and then create a personalized treatment plan that will be manageable for you and your lifestyle.

Our Team


Dr. Lynn Chiasson


Dr. Chiasson is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Manitoba and a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, ON.

She opened her practice in Moose Jaw, SK in 2003, and in January 2012, she moved her practice to open her own clinic on Main Street. Dr. Chiasson has welcomed to her clinic patients from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba and continues to accept new patients.


Dr. Chiasson has had great success with her nutritional plans and many patients have seen a huge improvement in their weight, blood pressure, blood sugars and cholesterol levels. She also specializes in issues of the gut, including gas and bloating, IBS and C-Difficile. Dr. Chiasson offers her patients hormone & allergy testing, nutritional counselling and has added iV therapy to her list of protocols.



Hey there Wellness Warrior! I'm Tamara Draper, your go-to colonics expert and passionate advocate for gut health.

Ever wondered how I stumbled upon this unconventional yet life-changing path? It's a story of discovery born out of necessity. When my own health needed a reset, I found the transformative power of colonics. Witnessing the gap in natural healthcare in Saskatchewan, I knew I had to dive in and offer this vital treatment to those seeking wellness.

I get it because I've been there — struggling with infrequent bathroom visits, constant headaches, and brain fog, just surviving the day. Fast forward, and here I am with a career I adore, a loving family, and the energy to truly enjoy every moment. Now, I'm not just living; I'm thriving!

Working with incredible people over the years, I've discovered the profound joy of this career. Every day, I help others reclaim their health and vitality. Imagine a life free from brain fog, constipation, and perpetual bloat — that's the life you deserve.

This isn't just a job; it's a calling. I'm here to guide you towards a healthier, more vibrant you. Let's break free from the constraints of discomfort and step into a life where your energy, clarity, and well-being take center stage.


Katelyn Dyck


Hello, I'm Katelyn Dyck—a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, devoted wife to my incredible MS warrior husband, Dave, and proud mama of two little ones.

Eight years ago, we took a leap of faith and dove head first into the transformative power of using food as medicine to manage Dave's MS. Witnessing the remarkable healing that unfolded by simply changing what graced our plates left us in awe!

This experience kindled a passion within me to deepen my understanding of the intricate connection between food and the body, ultimately leading me to earn my certification in Holistic Nutrition.

It was astonishing to realize the untapped potential residing at the end of our forks. My mission is to infect hope where there is hopelessness. If you are struggling with autoimmune symptoms, and/or gut/ digestive issues, and just feel stuck, I can help!

I want you to understand that there's a wealth of possibilities to enhance your health. I recognize that navigating this journey can be overwhelming, and I'd be honored to provide you with the support and accountability you need for a successful transformation.

Laura Erickson


Tamara Draper


I'm Laura Erickson, a Holistic Skincare Practitioner from London, Ontario. I  have lived in Saskatchewan on and off over the past 25 years and did my post secondary Bachelors of Arts, just down the road at Briercrest.  I moved to Moose Jaw with my family in 2021, and have fallen in love with this friendly city!  


I'm in my 40's, and have struggled with problem skin throughout life.  I saw Dermatologists and was given an assortment of prescriptions and skincare products that were more harmful than helpful. After having my first child I wanted to eliminate toxins from our home and was cognizant of what we put in and on our bodies.  After seeing a few Naturopathic Doctors and learning about the root causes of my skin concerns, I was able to see my health from a holistic perspective. There is a deep connection between our nervous system, gut health, diet, hormones, bacteria, environmental factors and how it affects our skin. It's really a mind, body and soul connection. 


I don't pretend to have perfect skin, I have sun spots, wrinkles and the occasional break out.  I do, however, know what my triggers and root causes are! I can help my clients find out their root causes through facial mapping. 


My facials are not your typical facials. I focus on lymphatic drainage, oil cleansing, Gua-Sha work, facial cupping and red light therapy.  It is incredibly relaxing and therapeutic. 


Holistic microneedling is a way to increase one's own collage production up to 400% in the first two weeks after the first treatment!  That collagen stays in your system for 5-7 years! My treatment is unique, because I incorporate facial cupping and red light therapy.  


I look forward to helping you on your holistic skincare journey!

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