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A Simple Way to a Great Day

We all have stress. We all deal or work with stress in different ways. No matter what stressor is already in motion with your life or what just happens to pop up during your day, starting your day with a clear intention can make all the difference.

The approach of managing stress has the potential of creating the ideal day or continuing to promote greater issues. So, what is the solution? I have found that it is 50% intention and 50% witnessing. Tomorrow morning, give this a try and see what kind of difference it makes throughout your day: Whether you wake up to an alarm or before the alarm, give yourself at least 1 minute to set the intention for your day. Most people start to process the “task list” in their head first thing when they wake and although that may have benefit, chances are pretty good that you are going to think about this list several more times during your day, so take this opportunity to just pause for 1 minute and try something new. Before your feet touch the floor or you move from a horizontal position, start with a deep breath in your nose and out your mouth, think of one thing in your life that brings you significant joy, which is setting your intention. If you’re a grandparent, this might be your grandchildren. If you’re a school teacher, you might savour the moment that a student has the “ah-ha” moment. Take the perspective of a bird flying over your memory or scene. This perspective allows you to see both sides of the scenario rather than just your own because a well-rounded understanding can give greater insight. Play out this scenario in your mind, witness it, identifying with the feeling of joy and happiness. Let it fill you, putting a smile inside and on your face. Your minute is probably up, but stick with what feelings you have just created. This exercise allows you to have easy access to something that brought you joy if or when your day gets stressful. This creates quick access to a “happy place” which can serve as a break or a pause to keep things in perspective so you don’t keep repeating the stress, whatever it might be. At the end of your day, just before you fall asleep, think about your day. Did the level of stress change? Did you have many different types of conversations or the response to “how are you?” Note any changes and then go back to the place of joy in your mind. Sleep well and congratulations to living a “stress-less” life.


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